9 Essential Oils for Erectile Dysfunction


Let’s face it; even if you have the best chemistry, you finish each other’s sentences, and you are the easily the best couple in town, setting ‘relationship goals’ for others, poor performance in bed or a low sex drive can drive that relationship to ruin.

It is understandable. Being considered impotent isn’t something you want in your life, but, what do you do when it happens to you? We all know that even if you can laugh it off with your friends, it kills you inside, bit by bit. What’s worse; you may be considering the blue pills or, you could be on them.

But, here’s the most important part of your misfortune, you can get it up, and keep it up, the natural way.

But first…

What is erectile dysfunction?

The two dreadful words for every man, and even women. Erectile dysfunction, better known as ED refers to the inability to get or even an erection firm long enough to have sexual intercourse. ED is also called impotence.

While occasional ED is common, it becomes a problem when you experience it too often.

Wondering why you are losing control over your sex drive too often? Well, you could blame many things with stress at the bottom of things.

Unfortunately, ED is becoming a widespread issue in makes and even females. Though many people are afraid to speak about it, it could be a manifestation of a medical condition.

How does it occur?

In the grand scheme of things, whenever the brain initiates a state of arousal, it transmits signals to the penis, causing the widening of the arteries for more blood to flow through it.  Erections begin with mental or sensory stimulation.

The impulses in the brain and the local nerves cause the muscles of the corpora cavernosa to relax, allowing blood to flow, filling the open spaces.

The blood creates a buildup of pressure within the corpora cavernosa, expanding the penis, and boom, an erection.

However, when the amount of blood that flows to the penis gets restricted, you lose the penile erection.

Also, if the tunica albuginea, the membrane that surrounds the corpora cavernosa, fails to sustain an erection, the erection is reversed as the penile muscles contract, stopping blood inflow, and opening the outflow blood channels. This often happens in the event of erectile dysfunction.

What causes ED?

As something that can end marriages and relationships, you may want to know the underlying cause before you throw stones and accusations. It has physical and physiological causes.

  1. Medical conditions

You are probably wondering; which condition has the power to bring down a man, right?

Well, it would appear that cardiac-related medical conditions like high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, or high blood cholesterol can prevent sufficient blood flow, making it harder for you to reach or hold an erection.

And, there’s more: some conditions like the Peyronie’s disease can damage the nerve tissues around the penis, preventing the occurrence of erections.

Other nerve disorders and neurological diseases that cause ED include Alzheimer’s, brain and spinal tumors, Parkinson’s disease, temporal lobe epilepsy, and stroke.

Unfortunately, several other diseases can take a toll on your sexuality:

Endocrine diseases: since the endocrine system produces the hormones that regulate sexual function, metabolism, mood, and reproduction, among others, it isn’t surprising that it can cause ED.

For example, diabetes, an endocrine disease resulting from the body’s ability to utilize insulin, causes nerve tissue damage. In the long run, it causes ED.

  1. Medications

Isn’t it ironic that the medicine meant to cure can still be the cause of an issue that could require medical intervention?

Intake of some medications can affect the flow of blood, causing ED. Some of these medications include:

  • Beta-blockers
  • Alpha-adrenergic blockers
  • Chemotherapy medications for cancer
  • CNS depressants and stimulants
  • Diuretics
  • Synthetic hormones
  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
  1. Lack of stimulation

This has been brandished as ‘I don’t feel like it.’

As mentioned above, it starts with the brain. If you are not mentally prepared or stimulated, then, you may not get it up.

While your partner may not feel like it, they could be suffering psychologically. Depression, stress, and anxiety are some of the causes of the lack of stimulation. But, it doesn’t end there – neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis can cause ED by disrupting the signals between the brain and the penis.

You may also blame fatigue-related depression and performance anxiety for the poor performance,

Symptoms of ED

  • Reduced sexual desire or no libido
  • Trouble getting an erection
  • Trouble keeping an erection
  • Premature and delayed ejaculation
  • Anorgasmia; the inability to achieve orgasm even after an ample amount of stimulation.

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Men are not the only ones who suffer sexual dysfunction. Women suffer too. If you have problems with your sexual response, orgasms and sexual desire, or even pain, you could be suffering from sexual dysfunction.

While it involves an interplay of complex psychological, emotional, experiences, relationship and lifestyle issues, it manifests in different ways.

Low sexual drive, sexual arousal disorder, orgasmic disorder, and sexual pain disorders are some of the manifestations of sexual dysfunction in women.

Remedies for ED

With more than 30 million American men suffering from ED, it is fair to say that this is a condition that needs effective and long-lasting remedies.

These natural remedies will bring back your sexual mojo.

Essential Oils for Erectile dysfunction.

I know what you are thinking; Viagra and Levitra work well, so why use essential oils?

You see, while they work (that’s a proven fact), they come with side effects. Most of those side effects are nasty. So, why use those pills that leave you unhealthy when you can use healthy and safe remedies like essential oils?

Essential oils are extracts from plants. The roots, barks, flowers, leaves and the seeds of the selected plants contain active ingredients with a plethora of healing properties. The feature that stands out the most from the oils is the smell which has far-reaching benefits.

So, which are the best essential oils for ED?

  1. Ginger Essential oil

Extracted from the ginger herb, ginger essential oil is one of the greatest aphrodisiacs for great sex and romance.

It works for men and women.

How? The potent compounds in the oil help with frigidity, as well as anorgasmy by stimulating the body, and all its senses.

Its stimulating effects will improve blood flow to the penis.

It also regulates sexual functions. By stimulating the nervous system, it increases libido. That’s not all; if you are looking for something to improve your quality and the quantity of sperms, something to protect your DNA, turn to ginger essential oil.

The only catch is that you cannot use it if you are on anticoagulant medications or before undergoing surgery.

Did we mention that the oil’s spicy aroma will help you relax and get you in the mood?

  1. Cinnamon bark essential oil

Cinnamon essential oil not only holds and boasts grounding effects but also its ability to treat ED. The oil, also known as Cinnamomum zeylanicum is famous in the health and beauty industries.

But, why use it for ED? Well, the oil increases the production of testosterone production. It also boosts the quantity and quality of semen.

But, there’s more; the warm, sugary and spicy oil has been shown to be effective in improving mood and relieving stress.  The other thing you will find interesting is the fact that the oil is a great aphrodisiac that will help you get in the mood. It increases libido, and it also boosts your sexual pleasure.

For use, apply it to the skin after diluting it with a carrier oil.

Why else is cinnamon bark oil suitable for treating ED? It protects the male reproductive system, and it has stimulating and toning effects on the mind and the nervous system.

  1. Nutmeg Essential Oil

Nutmeg is the ingredient known to enhance the taste and flavor of food while differentiating your meal from all other meals prepared.

Besides ruling in the kitchen, nutmeg’s extract, nutmeg essential oil could be the spice missing from your relationship. Its stimulating effects on the brain will lift your spirit and soothe you if you feel any pain.

Nutmeg stimulates the nerves, boosting your libido.

The other reason why you need nutmeg essential oil for ED is that it improves blood flow helping you get and keep an erection.

Wondering if there is a way you could boost the effects of nutmeg oil? It turns out that the combination of nutmeg oil with clove oil has effects similar to that of Sildenafil citrate, the compound used medically to treat erectile dysfunction. Therefore, you can use the blend to increase your sexual performance.

  1. Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang essential oil leaves you in a state of euphoria, hence its use in treating ED. The euphoric effects of the oil leave you with an enhanced sense of well-being, as well as higher self-esteem.

You are probably thinking what I am thinking: yes, you can use ylang-ylang essential oil to treat depression and anxiety and have a good time in bed.

Ylang ylang also increases blood circulation helping you maintain an erection. It also boosts libido.

  1. Watermelon seed oil

Other than water and potassium, you most likely throw out the seeds. But, do you know that those seeds could save your relationship?

Well, you have to extract the oil, that is hard work so, buy the pure watermelon essential oil instead.  The oil boasts immense antioxidant properties. Are you wondering why that is important? Well, the antioxidants will protect and promote good sperm health, and also fight nerve tissue damage.

  1. Lavender Essential Oil

Can we all agree that lavender essential oil is an almost ubiquitous essential oil around? As the go-to essential oil for different health concerns, it is a staple in homes.

You might want to make it a bedroom staple too!

Lavender essential oil is relaxing, and it is well-known for its effectiveness in treating anxiety.

But, that is not all – the oil also increases penile blood flow, and the lavender scent causes arousal.

  1. Rose Essential Oil

With depression and anxiety as some of the main causes of erectile dysfunction, it makes sense to deal with the psychological issues before the physical issues.

Rose essential oil will help you with that.

How? Well, rose essential oil has been proven to relieve anxiety and depression. It aids in relaxation. Beyond that, it is an aphrodisiac that promises to bring you happiness, plus the much-needed self-confidence that will arouse your sensuality.

The oil also enhances your sperm-count, libido, and it boosts your levels of testosterone.

  1. Basil Essential Oil

If you are looking for an essential oil to boost your sexual desire, sperm viability, sperm motility, and sperm count, we recommend basil oil.

It reduces oxidative stress, and it also protects against testicular toxicity. It will also keep you calm thanks to its anti-anxiety effects.

  1. Sandalwood essential oil

If you are looking for help with depression, fear of failure and performance anxiety look no further than the sandalwood essential oil. These emotional fears could be the reason for your low sexual desire or the poor performance, and the oil will get you through these.

Essential oil blends for ED

  • Nutmeg and clove oil blend: this blend will increase your sexual activity, increase blood circulation, and boost your mood.
  • Lavender and rosemary oil blend: it will increase your testosterone levels, improve sperm quality, and help you overcome erectile dysfunction.


How to Use Essential oils for ED

For the best effects, for you and your partner, you might want to add the essential oil of your choice to your diffuser for you and your partner. You can also spray the oil in the bedroom.

For topical application, mix the oil with a carrier oil and then massage it on your lower back and around the abdominal area.

A hot or a col compress on your lower back will also be effective, as will be a few drops of the oil on your bedsheets and pillowcases.

However, you should never ingest essential oils and don’t apply without diluting because the oils cause skin irritation.


Other natural remedies for erectile dysfunction

Besides essential oils, you can improve your sex life by adopting lifestyle changes, and using other natural solutions. They include:

  • Diet is everything

Your diet does more than control your weight. It controls your sex drive. With issues like obesity, intake of inflammatory foods and nutritional deficiencies increasing your odds of getting erectile dysfunction, you have to learn to eat well, if you are going to overcome ED. Your best foods include:

Foods with high fiber content. Seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables are rich in fiber. You need fiber for detoxification and support to your hormones. By promoting a healthy body, it helps fight erectile dysfunction.

Foods rich in zinc.  To boost your testosterone levels, you need to increase your intake of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, lamb, beef, spinach, and chia seeds.  Zinc is essential for the production of testosterone.

Vitamin E-rich foods. Limited blood flow is a cause of erectile dysfunction, and vitamin E alleviates that by improving blood flow to the penis.

Foods rich in selenium. For maintenance of healthy testosterone levels, you need to eat selenium-rich foods like Brazil Nuts.

So, are there foods you should avoid?

Yes. Foods affect your sex drive and your performance. You should, therefore, decrease intake or avoid foods made with trans fats or highly refined vegetable oils. You also need to keep off synthetic foods.

That’s not all: you should also lower your caffeine and alcohol consumption.

  • Natural Herbs

Panax Ginseng

This herb goes by the name herbal Viagra.  Several studies point to the fact that ginseng herb is useful in treating ED.

The herb works at a cellular level to increase blood flow, while also helping you to hold an erection.

But, there’s more; Panax ginseng is effective for individuals with metabolic syndrome or a high lipid concentration in blood. It helps in the management of these conditions. At the same time, it’s anti-inflammatory effects boost lung function and improve the flow of blood.

Rhodiola Rosea

This herb has been shown to improve sexual function. It improves your energy levels, reduces fatigue and, it will keep you at it for a longer duration.

  • Supplements

Your ED could be from something your body is missing. You might want to get these supplements.


DHEA supplement comes from dietary soy and yam. DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is the natural hormone produced by the adrenal glands. DHEA gets converted to testosterone and estrogen.

By increasing your DHEA intake, you will be more likely to maintain an erection. Supplementation with DHEA also shows its effectiveness in treating ED in men with diabetes. As mentioned above, diabetes could affect blood flow to your organs, including the reproductive organs.


L-arginine, the amino acid naturally present in the body, is essential for the production of nitric oxide. Why is this important?

Well, nitric oxide facilitates the relaxation of blood vessels which results in a successful erection, resulting in healthy sexual life.

In combination with pycnogenol, L-Arginine will restore your full sexual ability, within months.


Yohimbe is a supplement that is extracted from the African Yohimbe tree. It boosts sexual performance.

But, there’s a catch: while it works, it comes with side effects which could be damaging to your health. It causes an increase in blood pressure, irritability, it raises the heartbeat, and it could also leave you with tremors.

Maca Root

This supplement is an aphrodisiac that will help you regain sexual function.

You can also try Niacin

  • Acupuncture

This old Chinese practice could be all you need to regain your sexual strength, to get it up and to keep it up.

Acupuncture improves your quality of life, as well as the quality of the erections. It has been shown to restore sexual activity immensely. The effects of the practice stem from the fact that it opens channels for energy flow. It also relieves stress and anxiety, helping in the management of performance anxiety.

  • Prostatic Massage

A prostatic massage is a form of massage therapy that involves a practitioner massaging the tissues around and in your groin; to promote blood flow to the penis.

  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises

Did you know that men can perform and benefit from Kegel exercises, especially if suffering from erectile dysfunction?

Months of regular pelvic flow exercises have been shown to reverse ED and help you regain fill erectile function.

How to perform Kegels

First, identify your pelvic floor muscles. For this, you have to stop peeing midstream. The muscles you are looking for are the ones helping you to stop peeing midway.

Here is a secret: your testicles will rise when those muscles contract.

Now that you know where your pelvic floor muscles are, contract them for about 5 to 20 seconds and then release them. Repeat the exercise 10 to 20 times in a row, up to 4 times in a day.

  • Change your medication

Your medication could be the reason for your ED. To resolve the problem, stop self-medicating, and speak to your doctor about a change of medicine.

  • Regular Exercise

Physical activity increases the levels of the human growth hormone. It also improves circulation greatly, reduces stress, and relieve anxiety. Therefore, it reduces your chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Why else do you get from working out? Physical activity boosts your mental health, manages stress, and it prevents obesity. The latter will increase your sexual performance, almost instantly

  • Rest and Stress Management

Physical and emotional stress will take a toll on your sexual performance, even when working out.

You need to deal with your stressors, to reduce the levels of cortisol and adrenaline in the body. A high level of cortisol in circulation lowers your desire for sex by increasing your exhaustion and inflammation.

But, there’s more: stress could also be in the form of smoking or excessive drinking. You should, therefore, limit these habits.

Other strategies for stress management include:

  • Get 7 and 9 hours of sleep daily
  • Spend more time outdoors to unwind
  • Rest
  • Do yoga and meditate
  • Do things that make you happy.



Here’s the bottom line: while essential, herbs and supplements help in treating ED, long-term sexual health and happiness will come from adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You need to eat well, exercise and rest. Don’t rush for the erectile dysfunction pump or the erectile dysfunction ring just yet.










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